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About Our Company

For over 30 years, New England Maintenance Depot has been the premier supplier of cleaning compounds, janitorial equipment, and safety supplies with-in the New England area. Our company specializes in the sale of top of the line, name brand cleaning supplies and solutions that will help reduce your company’s costs, increase the safety of your employees and keep your facilities clean, polished and germ-free.
With our extensive products database containing more than 10,000 of the best cleaning supplies, we are easily able to find a tailored solution that will work best to meet your business needs. Our company is on the cutting edge of technology with the changing green environment and has entire programs in place to assist with LEED Certified buildings.
At New England Maintenance Depot, we have a long-standing history of bringing our customers the best janitorial products and the best service for the best price. By working with us, you will see what a company built on good, honest business can do for your business.